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About Arash Davidi

Arash Davidi is a dynamic real estate professional, specializing in residential and commercial property sales across Southern California. Arash brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every unique transaction and listing he manages. This is why Arash is considered "Your Essential Neighborhood Realtor".

Arash has a proven track record of providing the finest level of exceptional service, expertise and commitment in order to help his clients achieve their real estate goals. Arash’s broad range of real estate services spans across residential home sales, condominiums and income properties. He also has expertise in residential/commercial leases.

As a native of the San Fernando Valley and carrying a master's degree, Arash's polished background enables him to understand a wide variety of neighborhoods/demographics throughout Los Angeles. Arash has catered to a diverse clientele including the LGBT community, entertainment industry professionals and active military personnel. Arash also enjoys guiding first time home buyers and sellers.

Buy With Confidence. Sell With Success.

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